Which is Better for Families with Kids: Condo or HDB?

Is it better to raise your children in an HDB flat or condominiumm like the Bartley Vue condo? Here’s what you should consider:

What are the major components that affect your child? Let us see how these properties influence a child in regards to :

  • Safety
  • Amenities
  • Exposure to Singaporean culture
  • Social access
  • Ability to raise pets


As a gated residential community, condominiums are safer than an HDB estate. Now, most condos need keycards to enter the lifts; you couldn’t even go to a floor if no tenant is buzzing you up.

Aside from security, condominiums have countless sets of digital eyes as an additional protection layer.

You can easily identify them in a condo. In a formal outfit, they guard the floors of a condo to supervise its residents and facilities:

They assure that the dogs are leashed, pools are safe, and decks are clean and dry. As we know already, children are hard with their toys; hence, security guarantees that they don’t damage the amenities in playgrounds by patrolling such areas.

CCTV footage in condominiums are better than in HDB estates. Aside from that, guards also scan the footage of CCTVs scattered over the property.


HDB estates are now relatively up to par with the numerous amenities around condos, like the Bartley Vue condo. Swimming complexes, supermarkets, playgrounds, and multi-purpose courts are within walking distance of both property types.

However, the downside is that shared communal areas at HDBs tend to be more crowded than those within condominiums.

What makes them unique is usability. Conveniences within HDB estates usually are more occupied than those in condominiums. Of course, this, too, relies on what time you like to utilize these amenities:

As everyone’s home from work or school, shared communal areas get more packed at night. You’ll likely see the amenities unoccupied at an earlier period, but with no guarantee.

Amenities are simpler to reserve recent condos using a mobile request. Moreover, they tend to be empty because of less population.

Unoccupied amenities imply your kids have a greater odds of having the swimming pool or court to themselves. If they’re inclined in recreations or part of sports CCA, this would certainly be a massive bonus. Air-con clubhouses are also great for birthday celebrations, compared to HDB’s open void patios.

Raising Pets

Aside from extracurriculars in school and socialization with other kids, your children could also acquire great skills by having a pet. Owning pets could also educate them on how to be compassionate and care for other living creatures.

And what greater space to keep them compared to condominiums?

Pet-keeping is now easier at condominiums than HDBs. Pet-keeping rules established by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) for HDBs and condominiums are not the same; it’s much laxer for condos.

There’s no specific ‘no cats’ policy compared to HDBs. And because of the shared spaces and floor size, condominium residents could also raise not just one dog at a time. The pets should be on AVA’s authorized list, though, so do see before you adopt one straight away.

Numerous studies reveal that pet-keeping positively influences a child’s development. It includes:

  • Being physically active
  • Fewer behavior issues.
  • Better communication skills
  • Better health

Though there are limits on the areas you could take your pet in a condominium, it’s still your best bet for raising one. Plus, they’re excellent at educating kids to exercise kindness and compassion on others.