Pergolas: Adding Beauty To Your Home

What is a Pergola?

We all want our houses to have a beautiful outer extended area. But how does the outer area or garden for that matter looks beautiful? The answer is through pergolas. A pergola is basically a creation for outdoors which forms a shaded walkway or sitting area. A pergola is supported by vertical pillars which can be made out of woods, aluminum, brick, fiberglass and many others. Woody vines on pergolas dominate as they are used to enhance its beauty. The term ‘pergola’ is derived from a Latin word ‘pergola’ which means a projecting eave.

How is a pergola different from an arbour?

Both of these terms are used interchangeably. However, an arbor is actually a wooden bench with roof usually enclosed by a lattice. Pergola, on the other hand, is a much larger and open structure and is not specifically for sitting. It can be also used as a passageway and so covering the corridor pillars.

What are the types of pergolas?

There are typically two types of pergola. These are:

1) Gable pergola:

These can satisfy you if you have less area of wants. In simple words, gable pergola provides cool and light because of their open roof. They have an open roof because the roof is raised to a ridge and is not a flat roof. This feature also facilitates water runoff when it rains. It gives an aesthetic touch to your house and is popular around the world.

2) Flat pergola:

Flat pergolas have a flat roof and are easy to construct. They are comparatively considered more versatile structures as they allow households to customize the outdoor extension. Note that if your house has a flat pergola it should have a 5-degree pitch at a minimum.

Adding Beauty To Your Home

Why do you get a pergola structured?

  • To add beauty to your house. Many people like to build an open area and garden to have a proper space to chill and to get fresh air. A pergola would be the best option to make it more beautiful.
  • A pergola also provides you shade to hide from the sun. This is especially useful in summers.
  • A pergola is easy to install also. Moreover, a pergola can be made out of whichever material you prefer.

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